3 Modest and Chic Entryway Interior Design Ideas for a Small Entrance Area

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The way you set the interior design of your house, including the entryway, determines whether it looks inviting or not. You can start to redecorate your living room by designing the entryway. Here, we have several stunning and straightforward entryway interior design ideas you can try. 

Simple Entryway with an Ottoman Chair 

It doesn’t matter if you only have a small entryway at home. Putting an Ottoman chair in this area is enough. You can use the chair as an accessory and a place to sit while wearing a shoe. Your guests can also wait on the entryway if they only visit your house for a few minutes. 

Use the space, such as the wall on the entryway, as simple storage. Installing three hooks at the top of the ottoman chair is a great idea. Then, handbags and accessories you often bring on the hooks. 

entryway interior design ideas

You can only take the accessories you want to bring and go outside. That’s it! You have a comfortable and straightforward entryway at home now. The most important thing is that you finally utilize a small empty area in front of the entrance. 

An Entryway with a Wooden Table 

One of the simple entryway interior design ideas you can also apply at home is putting a wooden console table on the side of the entrance. Ensure that the design of the table is modest if you only have a small entryway area. 


It is also good if the table has storage to put small items you often bring outside. Now, arrange specific items, such as a vas, candles with therapy aroma, favorite photos, a wooden bowl, or others there. 

Use the storage on the table to save small items you often need. Make the entryway feels wider than the actual size by hanging a medium or big round mirror. This entryway design idea is simple, yet you are creating a multifunction area close to the entrance of your house.  

An Entryway with a Wooden Cupboard or End-Table 

How about if you don’t want to expose the items? Use a wooden cupboard or an end-table on the entryway. Choose a wooden closet with cabinets to keep small things you often use there. A wooden wardrobe looks elegant in a small entry. 

end table and mirror

Arrange some succulents, a small basket, favorite photos, and others on the cupboard. Install a hook on the wall in case you need extra storage. Make this area feel more comfortable and enchanting by hanging a medium or big painting, photo, or a rectangle mirror. Keep it simple by using two or three color combinations: brown, black, and white.

The point is that you can have an entryway at home, even in a small area. You only have to mix and match the right furniture and items in the area to keep it comfortable and elegant. The entryway interior design ideas above are straightforward to apply. 

It also changes the atmosphere of the entrance area significantly. A well-managed entryway is also a great way to welcome your guests if you put chairs in this area. Plus, you have additional storage for shoes, sunglasses, bags, umbrellas, and other items.  

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