11 Simple Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas To Keep Small Apartment Cozy

scandivanian interior design ideas

Some people who live in an apartment choose to decorate the rooms with a Scandinavian style. They choose it because everything looks straightforward, minimalist, and functional. Do you want to apply the Scandinavian style to your apartment? Check the Scandinavian interior design ideas you can use below.

Apply Warm Textiles

Warm textiles become one of the characteristics of the Scandinavian interior. The reason why Scandinavian houses use friendly fabrics is because of the freezing temperatures.

That’s why you often see a carpet made from wool, sheepskins, or mohair in a Scandinavian room. This simple trick will also create a cozy and warm ambiance in your apartment.

Use Functional Furniture

The Scandinavian interior is uncomplicated. This interior design style focuses on the function of supporting and improving daily life. So, ensure that the furniture in your apartment has a purpose.

It is why most people who love the Scandinavian style because of just putting a few pieces of furniture, such as a sofa and chair, floor lamp, mirror, artwork, some indoor plants, and a rug.

Apply Neutral Color Scheme


Most Scandinavian interior design ideas apply a neutral color scheme. Neutral colors are simple but support the comfortable atmosphere of the apartment. Indeed, a stark white color is one of the most popular in this style.

This color is also easy to mix and match other accessories, furniture, and artwork. For example, a white wall is perfect with a patterned rug and a grey sofa. Indeed, it doesn’t mean that you can’t apply any pattern on the wall.

For those who love prints and want to decorate their apartments with Scandinavian style, try to decorate one feature wall with hand-painted wallpaper or favorite art.

Use Simple Decorative Accents

Due to the simplicity of the style, it doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate your apartment. The most important thing is the way you choose the decorative accent.

Scandinavian interior design ideas

Putting a couple of glass candles and using one solid color for the pillow covers in a room should be enough to keep the simplicity. It will be good if the items are something you love, memorable, or functional.

Apply Wood and Metal Finishes

Apply wood and metal finishes if you think that the start white seems a bit monotonous. For example, you can apply the wood finish on the floor, dining table, kitchen cabinet, and chairs. Then, add some metal finishes for the sconces, chandelier, kitchen sink, and others.


This simple trick will make your apartment colorful without losing the Scandinavian theme, warm and straightforward.


Scandinavian style is also effective for those who live in a small or medium apartment. It is because this style applies the open-space principle. This principle will make your small apartment look more spacious than the actual size.

You don’t need to use separators only to differentiate a room from another room. Instead of using a partition that makes the apartment look even smaller than the actual size, the Scandinavian style uses different finishes or interiors to divide two rooms.

For example, a Scandinavian living room model will use a wool rug, whereas the next room uses a wooden finish. Ensure that the materials are contrast enough, so it looks like dividing two different rooms.

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Let the Sunlight Comes In

sunlight windows

Besides using bright colors, Scandinavian home interior design also suggests you let the sunlight come in. Because of that, glass windows and doors become an essential element. This material allows sunlight to come into your apartment quickly.

The natural light will also improve the welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in your apartment. You can feel it during the day but also at night. The easier the sunlight enters your apartment or house, the better the air circulation in your apartment.

That’s why you should not put a lot of decorations on the window. Installing shutters, linen, and sheer fabric curtains is also a great alternative. Several small indoor plants seem to be enough if you want to decorate the window.

Install bright bulbs if you don’t have a lot of windows. You can install a chandelier and table lamp to get enough light anytime you need. It would be great if you could use the lighting for at least two different areas.

Bring Nature Comes In

You may not have a garden in your apartment, and it is not a problem if you apply Scandinavian interior design. This style allows you to bring in nature, and it is one reason why Scandinavian houses often use raw materials, such as wood, leather, wicker, and cotton.

indoor plants white wall

These materials give a natural atmosphere to your apartment. You only have to ensure that the natural materials are in a similar tone and color range. Applying raw materials is not the only way to strengthen the Scandinavian ambient in your apartment.

You can also put in some indoor plants. It will be better to choose beneficial indoor plants, such as air filters or dust protectors. Placing indoor plants can also reduce your stress tension.

Place those plants on the corner of a room, wall, wooden table, wall-mounted cabinet, desk, and others. Indeed, ensure that the plants are easy to take care of and grow well in any condition.

Apply Nature Colors to Your Apartment

Another alternative to making your apartment look stunning with a Scandinavian style is by applying natural colors. This trick will make your Scandinavian apartment look a bit different than others. For example, it is okay to paint the wall green that represents the color of grass, plants, and the earth.

Using blue is also perfect if you are a beach, ocean, or sky lover. Do you want to make the apartment naturally a bit warm? Paint the wall yellow since it represents the sun and flowers.

Hidden Storage

Scandinavian interior design is also fun since you will have hidden storage. Hidden storage is a strategy to limit the use of space, but you still have a place to store items. The best alternative is putting a hidden shelving or pull-out cabinet.

This trick keeps your apartment neat and clean. Therefore, you can still take items you need anytime you want. Due to hidden storage, you can install it anywhere around the apartment, such as somewhere in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

Choose Multifunction Furniture

Since you have a limited living area, you have to use multifunction furniture. Indeed, it is also in line with the Scandinavian home decoration principle. For example, hanging a medium or big mirror is a good idea.

multifunction furniture

You can use this mirror as an accessory that makes the room look more extensive than the actual size. At the same time, this mirror works well to check your outfit and makeup. The best part is that you don’t need to sacrifice the small space only to add a piece of furniture or item. In this case, you still have room to walk or other multifunction things.

The point is that you need to understand all the Scandinavian home decor principles while redecorating your apartment or house. The focus of this home interior style is to make everything simple, neat, clean, and functional.

The Scandinavian interior design ideas above show that this style is suitable for all buildings, including small apartments. The truth is that your small apartment looks spacious and cozy by applying a Scandinavian style.

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