3 Stunning Modern Kitchen Interior Design Ideas


It would be best if you had a comfortable kitchen at home to cook maximally. It is not a problem if you only have a small room. Modern kitchen interior design ideas can solve this problem. This design combines the kitchen with other rooms without making it too crowded and looks smaller. Check the modern kitchen interior design ideas below.

Open Kitchen Interior Design 

Instead of using a separator to separate your kitchen and dining room or other rooms, you can arrange them in a room. Use an open kitchen idea and add a dining room area there. For example, you can set a countertop close to the cooking area. 

It is okay if you want to install a stove there so everyone in the house can smell the great aroma. Ensure that you have enough space to walk around the kitchen before placing a countertop. Add two or more café chairs to the countertop. 

kitchen design

You can even use big windows without curtains to give a spacious sensation in the room. Put a countertop with cabinets to store kitchen utensils and any cooking ingredients. It keeps your kitchen looking tidy and well-managed. 

Stacking shelves is also necessary to arrange plates, bowls, baskets, or anything you need in the kitchen. Now, it seems that you have a large kitchen area.

Purple Kitchen Interior Design 

Applying bold colors, such as purple, can also make your kitchen look spacious. A modern kitchen interior design is out of the box and different than traditional kitchen designs. A bold color will make your kitchen eye-catching. 

5. 3 Stunning Modern Kitchen Interior Design Ideas2

It is the sign of the kitchen area and other areas if you don’t use any separator. Try to mix this bold color with soft colors and contrast, such as pastel or cream colors. This trick is even strengthening the bold colors. 

It is also great to use cabinets with a glass door. Glass doors give an illusion of a spacious area. Use the space, such as the wall of the kitchen, by hanging wall-mounted cabinets. Ensure that you can store all kitchen utensils and cooking ingredients in the cabinets. Your purple kitchen interior is not only eye-catching but also keeps the cooking area feels spacious.       

Natural Kitchen Interior Design 

Placing a kitchen close to the outdoor area, such as a swimming pool or backyard, is good. It will be great if you apply a sliding glass door. As a result, you can open the sliding door anytime you want. Your kitchen area looks even more spacious than the actual size. 

modern kitchen interior design

Even if you close the sliding door, the reflection of the outdoor view keeps you comfortable while cooking. Natural kitchen interiors are often used in modern designs. Your kitchen looks modest with a white countertop. Add several wooden chairs around the countertop so anyone in the room can sit and enjoy the scenery while waiting for the meals. 

A modern kitchen interior design is not always sophisticated. Most modern kitchen interiors even use something simple. The most important thing is that the kitchen will be effective, comfortable, and multifunction with the design. 

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