3 Japanese Zen Bedroom Interior Design Ideas to Improve Your Sleeping Quality


A bedroom is a place where you can sleep well and relax your body and mind. That’s why your bedroom should be in a Zen condition. A bedroom with a Zen interior design creates a relaxation effect to keep you more comfortable and relaxed. Check the Japanese Zen bedroom interior design ideas below and apply one of them. 

Modern Japanese Zen Bedroom 

Only because you are applying a Zen interior design idea doesn’t mean that you can’t create a modern bedroom. You can even get both in your bedroom. Let’s say you can replace the typical door with a sliding door. 

Japanese Zen bedroom interior design ideas

It is a standard door model in Japan. Then, keep the room spacious and have good lighting and airflow. Use essential furniture and items only, such as a mattress, a cabinet, lamps, and chairs. 

Strengthen the Zen atmosphere by using materials close to nature, including wood, rattan, bamboo, and many more. You can even bring plants and flowers to the bedroom. Choose plants and flowers that give a relaxation effect. This simple trick will make you always feel in a Zen condition anytime entering the bedroom. 

A Bedroom that Close to Nature 

The beauty of nature increases the Zen level in a specific area. Because of that, creating an open space bedroom can be a good idea to increase the Zen level in your sleeping area. It is one of the Japanese Zen bedroom interior design ideas for those living close to a beautiful view, such as mountains, beaches, or even gardens. 

You only have to use a large window that you can open and close anytime you want. You even don’t have to install curtains to cover the window if it is possible. Then, put a mattress close to the window. Ensure that you can see the beautiful view outside anytime you stay on the bed. 

bedroom with a Zen interior design

Use materials close to nature, such as wooden tile, wooden mattress frame, concrete, and stones. Make your bedroom simple without putting unnecessary furniture or items. It is okay if you want to put plants or flowers inside the bedroom. 

Imagine that you will always see beautiful views anytime you go to sleep and wake up. Indeed, this modest Zen interior design can’t only improve your sleeping quality but also your positive mood. 

Japanese Zen Bedroom with Red Interior

How about if you can’t get a beautiful view from your bedroom? Is it possible to create a Zen bedroom at home? Yes, you can! Applying red is one of the simple tricks to increase a Zen level in your bedroom. 

modest Zen interior design

It is a favorite Japanese color. Put some items close to the Japanese atmosphere, such as a Japanese sliding door, wooden mattress frame, and many more. Mix the red color with black and white. Remember! Don’t put too many items and use furniture made of natural materials.

The Japanese Zen bedroom interior design ideas above will increase your sleeping quality. You will be calmer and relaxed. It seems that you have a new spirit after waking up in the morning because of the Zen bedroom interior.              

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