4 Attractive Indoor Plant Living Room Decoration Ideas for All Living Room Sizes

Home design with indoor plants

Decorating your house with indoor plants is a good idea. Home design with indoor plants keeps your living area looking attractive and healthier for the homeowner. Many studies explain that putting indoor plants can reduce stress and improve productivity. We have several indoor plant living room decoration ideas to apply immediately.

Cozy Living Room with Long Stem Plants

indoor plant white wall

Long stem plants are perfect for a living room. You can place it in the corner of the room. It is considered a stand-alone plant due to its big leaves and long stems.

This trick is suitable for those who only have a small living room or don’t want to put too many plants.

A combination of a loveseat sofa, a rectangle wooden table, and a giant bird of paradise or bamboo plant container is wonderful. It makes your living room natural and cozy. A rug, patterned pillows will make this area even cozier.

Instead of using a plastic container, put the plants in a Terracotta container. It is okay to use a plastic container but place it in a rattan container cover. Ensure that the plant gets enough sunlight to keep it growing well in your living room.

Living Room with Indoor Plants Close to the Window

home design with indoor plants

Do you want to put various indoor plants in the living room? Placing indoor plants close to the window is one of the indoor plant living room decoration ideas you can try.

Several small or woodbine plants, such as heart-leaf philodendron, polka dot plant, and jade pothos, are perfect for this idea.

In this case, try to combine a mid-century, camelback, or Lawson sofa with a rectangle wooden and a chair to create a comfortable living room at home.

The use of neutral and natural colors, such as white, black, brown, and gold, will make the living room look standout once your guests enter the house. It is also a simple idea to decorate a tropical living room.

Living Room with Hanging Indoor Plants

If you don’t have any space left in the living room, how about it? Is it possible to add indoor plants there? Absolutely! Use the empty walls as a place to hang some of your favorite indoor plants. Woodbine plants, such as a string of pearls, heart-leaf philodendron, and Ivy, are outstanding.

indoor plant living room decoration ideas

They look cool and strengthen the natural atmosphere in your living room when growing well. Plant the plants in a basket, plastic, or terracotta before hanging on the walls. Hang them at the top of the sofa, close to the windows, or on the windows.

living room with Small Cactus or Succulents

indoor plants white wall

Putting a small cactus or succulent on the table is also enough to create a natural or tropical living room decoration at home. It will be great if you put the plants on a wooden table.

The contrasting color of the plants will make your living room look eye-catching and attractive.

So, living with plants is possible even if you don’t have a front or back yard. Bring the plants in and let them be a life accessory. The indoor plant living room decoration ideas above show that you can create a tropical living room no matter the size of the room.

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