4 Tips to Decorate a Filming Room for a Stunning Video Background

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Have you ever imagined why some YouTubers have a cool background in their video? One of the reasons is because they can create a filming room. The right room decoration will make your video look attractive to see. So, how to design a filming room for creating stunning indoor YouTube videos? Apply the tips to decorate a filming room below.

Ensure that the Room is Bright

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The level of light in a room determines the brightness of the room. That’s why ensure that your room is bright to support the lighting while filming a video.

Muted colors with light and soft accents are perfect for a filming room, so you don’t need to set the lighting too bright.

Too bright lighting will make you feel hot, and your skin looks too shiny. Try to use Nordic, moccasin, Navajo white, or pastel colors for your filming room. You can also paint the wall based on the theme of your channel.

Bright colors are perfect for discussing tutorials, the latest information, funny things, and many more. Darker colors are suitable to use if you want to discuss horror stories, mysteries, and others.

Apply Minimalist

You would better decorate a filming room simply. A minimalist room gives an impression of spacious even when you see it from the video. Try to apply minimalist approaches from Japanese, Scandinavian, and contemporary interiors for a filming room.

A minimalist filming room is also effective enough for movement and air circulation. It helps you work comfortably, even if you have to create and edit videos for a few hours.

Decide the Right Background

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The background of your video is one of the important elements on how to decorate a filming room. You may use a solid or plain wall painting color. Alternatively, cover the wall for the background with wallpaper that represents the topic of your channel.

A 3D brick wallpaper is also suitable for a variety of themes. Giving a touch of small decoration, such as flip-flop lamps, wall decors, stickers, is a great idea if you want to keep the plain color but make it more interesting to see.

Comfortable and eye-catching Furniture

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The way to set the area included on the frame determines the ambient of the video. Some videos seem to welcome the viewers to come only because of how the owner set the filming area. Decide first whether you want to work at a desk or in a larger area.

You need a comfortable chair, such as an ergonomic chair, modern chair, or computer chair if you work at a desk. On the other hand, you can put a medium armless sofa, English rolled arm, or a modular sofa when working in a large area.

So, your job is to learn how to shoot and edit a video and how to decorate a filming room to produce attractive videos. At least, you have a comfortable working area even if it is only in your bedroom. The combination between stunning video editing and filming room decoration can trigger viewers to watch your channel.

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